12 Weeks

12 Weeks of UX Engineering

October 03, 2019

Learning UX Engineering in Public

After about 2 months of working as a UX Engineer, I’ve completely fallen in love with Engineering.

I started my tech career in 2017 as a frontend developer. 2018 and 2019 were my years of learning to think like a designer. It turns out that path was a branch to the roots.

Engineering is the thing I’m mostly passionate about and it makes a lot of sense to build practical skills in that domain.

I’m grateful for my experience with Design. I believe it will also be valuable in my work as a UX Engineer and life generally.

A huge part of my time as a designer was spent on philosophy, analyzing use cases and making screens no one could use. Moving forward, I want to be a creator. I want to have an idea in my head, draw sketches and bring them to life with Engineering.

I’ll begin this journey with a 12weeks of UX Engineering. The exercise will be focused on learning to build performant, accessible and delightful web interfaces. My goal is to land an Frontend Engineering job starting January 2020. This is what my curriculum will look like.

Month 1. (The basics)

  • Accessible and Semantic HTML (Week 1)
  • Modern, Responsive CSS, CSS animations and Progressive enhancement (Week 2-3)
  • Browser DOM (Week 4)


Month 2. (Offline first & JavaScript)

  • Progressive Web Applications (Week 1)
  • Frontend Web Performance (Week 2)
  • ES6 + ES7 JavaScript + JavaScript 30


Coming soon…

Month 3 (ReactJS and Friends)

  • ReactJS and Redux
  • APIs with NodeJs & GraphQL


Coming soon…


This is a work in progress document and will be updated as I find more useful resources.

Quick and Scrappy notes from 12 weeks of learning UX Engineering for the web. More